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Head Office
466 Spencer St
West Melbourne, VIC 3003

Retail Showroom
466 Spencer St
West Melbourne, VIC 3003
Ph: (03) 9326-6822
Fax: (03) 9326-6913
27 Cooper Street
Surry Hills, NSW 2010
Ph: (02) 9212-4988
Fax: (02) 9212-4576
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   About Us
SolomonBrothersApparel is Australia’s oldest supplier of corporate clothing. Opening our doors in 1919, we have built our reputation on our quality merchandise, friendly service and extensive range of over 10,000 products. While other larger family owned uniform suppliers such as Klein & Cowen, Ince Brothers and Rankin & Dobbie have been brought out or retired from business SolomonBrohers has survived four wars, the great depression, a recession, and is still going strong.

The business was started in 1919 when Max Solomon opened a “Tailor Mercery Depot” at 429 Flinders Street in Melbourne in partnership with his brother Morrie-hence the company name Solomon Brothers. The site selected at 429 Flinders Street meant that the ships docked opposite the establishment up to Queens Bridge. This enables a flourishing business of made to measure uniforms for the maritime industry. The association continues today with the supplying of maritime uniforms to the industry.

Promoting Australian Made

In the 1920’s Solomon Brothers still catered to the top end of the market but the emphasis had changed to what is still a current policy of selling Australian made goods. The business prospered with Max handling shop sales and the cutting and fitting of uniforms while Morrie managed the upstairs workroom supervising the team of tailors and seamstresses. The depression began in early 1930’s and Solomon Brothers like most other retailers found trading difficult. It is to the credit of Max and Morrie that they were able to retain their customers throughout this difficult time period.

Morrie died in the late 1940’s and continuing the tradition of a family business Saul Cohen, Max’s nephew joined the company in 1951 and was taught all aspects of the business, working as an apprentice tailor. After finishing his apprenticeship, Saul became a partner in the family business.
In 1974, after over 50 years of trading in the one location and following the death of Max, Solomon Brothers under the directorship of Saul moved to better and larger premises located at 307 Latrobe Street, Melbourne. Saul has been Managing Director of the company for over 50 years. It was at this time a “value for money” retailer emerged, an image that Solomon Brothers are still recognised for today. It was also at this time that “Just looking is half the fun of shopping at Solomon Brothers” became a catch phrase of the store. Their extensive Solomon Brothers radio advertising campaign began on 3AW in 1981.

In late 1985 a N.S.W company ‘Segraves’ in Sydney went into financial difficulties. It was then considered an ideal prospect for incorporation under the SolomonBrothersApparel banner, which would establish the company in the heart of Sydney- bringing a brand new era to expand into.
Another move was eminent in 1990 for the Melbourne store. This time to 466 Spencer Street, West Melbourne where the offices of SolomonBrothersApparel still remain today. In little over 15 years Latrobe Street had been outgrown. These new modern premises, located on two floors are centrally located in the Melbourne Business District.

In June 1994 two major initiatives were completed. Firstly, the procurement of the premises directly opposite the Spencer Street address at 467 for warehousing purposes. Comprising of 2 floors this enabled SolomonBrothersApparel to keep a more accurate control on stock levels which benefited our corporate clients. In Sydney a new beginning was created in 1994 by our move to 429 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills. This enabled the company to operate independently from Melbourne in a new building suitable for warehousing and direct sales through our modern showroom.
In 1988 Andrew, Saul’s son joined the company and brought with him a wealth of knowledge and experience. Andrew’s enthusiasm is reflected in the day to day running of the business. He takes a hands-on approach in every aspect of the business.

In 1996 the youngest member of the family joined the SolomonBrothersApparel team. Tamara (Saul’s daughter) took on the role of marketing manager bringing a youthful outlook on all aspects of the company, as well as a grounded security and safety mind-set gained whilst completing her Masters in Criminology.
SolomonBrothersApparel’s long term success has hinged on two main factors:
  • While other retailers have expanded into suburbs, SolomonBrothersApparel made a conscious decision to keep tight control of their operations by operating only in 2 locations.
  • Most importantly the SolomonBrothersApparel family and staff have always been firmly committed to giving good service to our customers, good value in the merchandise sold and fair dealing with all suppliers: perhaps old fashioned values yet important for maintaining and improving the fine reputation established for over 85 years.
Today the company has expanded and has developed a high reputation for supplying a complete range of quality uniform needs. At SolomonBrothersApparel we are committed to providing quality and service. Our service includes offering advice on uniform styles and design for any purpose. We extend ongoing support for all aspects of procurement. Because of the reputation SolomonBrothersApparel has earned in supplying uniforms, we also provide accessories specially developed to meet individual requirements.

Where is SolomonBrothersApparel going?

SolomonBrothersApparel currently includes four separate divisions.
  1. Uniforms
  2. Hardware/Accessories
  3. Alterations
  4. Medals
Our comprehensive showroom is located on the ground floor 467 Spencer Street specialising in corporate apparel. Some of the specialised fields include uniforms for police forces, army forces, prison services, security, customs, immigration, fire services and numerous airlines. We extend ongoing support for all aspects of uniform procurement including jackets, trousers, shirts, shoes, headwear, gloves, ties, decorative embroidery, screen-printing, parade items, security hardware, war medal refurbishment and supply. Alterations are carried out on the premises, with currently 4 tailors employed.

SolomonBrothersApparel have been great survivors through the tough times but recognise that planning is needed for the good times ahead. Development of a corporate strategy for the entire business has been undertaken. The strategic plan takes into account all existing facets of the company and investigates the potential for the introduction of new business ventures which will be introduced in the near future. In the area of government privatisation every advantage will be taken of the opportunities that present themselves to the private sector. We look forward to the challenges that lay ahead and the partnerships that we develop with our new clientele
   Our Timeline
1919Uncles Max and Morrie Solomon open Solomon Brothers
  Business = Tailors
  Family and business philosophy: HONESTY, QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE
1951Nephew (Saul) joins Solomon Brothers Apparel
  Business = Men Fine Apparel
  Family and business philosophy: HONESTY, QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE
1988Father and Son Andrew joins his father Saul
  Business = Uniforms
  Family and business philosophy: HONESTY, QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE
1996Father, Son and Daughter Saul, Andrew and Tamara
  Business = Corporate Apparel, Uniforms & accessories for the community at large
  Family and business philosophy: HONESTY, QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE
1996 - PresentFather, Son and Daughter Saul, Andrew and Tamara
  Business = Corporate Apparel, Uniforms & accessories for the community at large.
  Family and business philosophy: HONESTY, QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE!
2011- The Trend Is Obvious!
  We operate our business based on supplying our clients with what they need, not what we or others want to sell.
  We go the extra mile to solve complex problems and/or situations using our experience and wide range of resources from our manufacturers.
  We offer prompt & courteous service at competitive pricing.

We care and thank you for choosing SolomonBrothersApparel